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FOTsis, the most innovating project in road transportation technologies

The FOTsis Project has been awarded by the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), a not-for-profit global collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure...


FOTsis holds its final event in Madrid

The FOTsis project organised its final meeting on 27th and 28th April in Madrid, Spain. More than 80 stakeholders attended...

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European Context

There are more cars and trucks on the roads driving more kilometres. As a result we are  facing more traffic jams, higher fuel bills and increased CO2 emissions. More than  40 000 people continue to be killed on EU  roads each year. These problems cannot be  solved by building additional or extended roads.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) can contribute to the solution by making transport  safer, more efficient and competitive, more sustainable and more secure. ITS does this by  applying the latest information and communication technologies (telephone, satellite, computer, etc.) to transport. Examples in  road transport include travel information,  navigation and Electronic Stability Control (ESC).

Use of ITS in road transport in  Europe is still uneven, however. A  patchwork of  national, regional and local solutions is slowing down overall deployment and fails to  provide seamless service.


THE ITS Directive and Action Plan

To answer to this fragmentation the ITS Directive (Directive 2010/40/EU), was recently adopted by the EU and it is currently being implemented in the EU Memeber State.

The ITS Directive and the related Action Plan establishes the legislative and operational framework for the deployment and use of ITS in harmonised way.

The proposed Action Plan includes specific measures in six priority areas areas:

Optimal use of road and traffic data

Traffic and freight management

Road safety and security

Integrating ITS applications in the vehicle

Data protection and liability

European ITS co-ordination

FOTsis Project

The FOTsis project falls under Action Area 4 ‘Integration of Vehicle and Transport Infrastructure’.  In the past many EC-funded research efforts (i.e. AIDE, PROSPER, PREVENT, ISiPADAS…) have approached ITS cooperative systems from a vehicle perspective.

However, little EC-supported research has been conducted in regards to the road infrastructure needed for an adequate operation of I2V & I2I cooperative systems, as only some limited efforts in the frame of projects like TRACKSS, SAFESPOT, COOPERS, and CVIS have attempted to connect vehicles, infrastructures and traffic management centres.

The FOTsis initiative represents a different approach for the deployment of field operational test, from the perspective of road operators, with the acquired experience of leading technological road maintenance/operation and service provision companies, and with the aim to integrate the current infrastructure management systems into the common European Communication Architecture (promoted by the COMeSafety, PreDRIVE C2X, CVIS and SAFESPOT projects) for service provision, therefore enhancing security, intelligence and sustainability in road design, operation and maintenance.


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