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FOTsis, the most innovating project in road transportation technologies

The FOTsis Project has been awarded by the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), a not-for-profit global collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure...


FOTsis holds its final event in Madrid

The FOTsis project organised its final meeting on 27th and 28th April in Madrid, Spain. More than 80 stakeholders attended...

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Intelligent Congestion Control

Growing traffic demand and increasing resistance to the further expansion of road networks, forces for a more efficient use of the existing traffic infrastructures. This task requires an efficient traffic management system with intelligent traffic control measures and traffic information for drivers.

The FOTsis project seeks to make a contribution in order to improve the organization and management of traffic by introducing new algorithms to integrate dynamic data from diverse traffic information sources as well as public traffic management and control strategies into a comprehensive integrated system.

By incorporating traffic management strategies in the monitoring of traffic flows and predictive algorithms, which will improve load balancing in the traffic networks and route guidance.

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