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FOTsis, the most innovating project in road transportation technologies

The FOTsis Project has been awarded by the Smart Transportation Alliance (STA), a not-for-profit global collaborative platform for transportation infrastructure...


FOTsis holds its final event in Madrid

The FOTsis project organised its final meeting on 27th and 28th April in Madrid, Spain. More than 80 stakeholders attended...

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Safety Incident Management

The general objective of this service is to provide real time embedded information to drivers that warns them on any given situation that may reveal associated dangers or risks and that has been detected from elements in the infrastructure. In other words, I2V warning communications.

Among these real-time danger warning services three particular items have been selected:

a. Tailgating alert.

b. Excess speed in particular points and driver warning.

c. Warning of difficult driving conditions due to adverse weather or other incidents.

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